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Important Notice

UWC Maths Club

Monday 12:50pm-1:40pm@D406

The UWC Maths Club is a close-knit community of mathematics enthusiasists aimed at all levels to discuss and solve mathematics they are interested in. We aim to look at topics from competitions (such as the American Mathematics Competition, AMC) as well as going beyond to explore more advanced and open-ended problems. 

CIMS Sign up!

Register on CIMS as with any other Activities or Services by September 2nd. Grades 9-12 welcome!

What is Maths Club?

We aim to achieve both breadth and depth in the mathematics that we explore. Topics may include ​geometry, algebra, probability and statistics, and number theory. While you may have encountered these topics in your standard high school maths classes, we aim to help you build a much more solid foundation as a mathematician by combining the rigour of proof (which is often lacking in standard curricula) and the creativity of tackling original problems (such as ones drawn from maths competitions).

Do I need to have competiton maths experience to join?

There are no prerequisites to join, just an open mind and a love for maths! The primary aim of this club is to develop and refine your skills as a mathematician and problem-solver, the happy side effect of which is (as we hope) to prepare you for the novelty of competition maths.

How do I participate in maths competitions?


Check your maths OLP page regularly! Competition details and registration processes will always be first announced there. Depending on the competition, there is a fee usually ranging from SGD 20 - 30. Please refer to the following for a list of competitions our school offers:

  • United Kingdom Mathematics Trust (UKMT)

    • Intermediate ​Mathematical Challenge (G11 & below)

    • Senior Mathematical Challenge (G11 & below)

  • Center for Education in Mathematics and Computing (CEMC)

    • Canadian Senior Mathematics Contest​ (G12 & below)

    • Canadian Intermediate Mathematics Contest (G10 & below)

    • Pascal/Cayley/Fermat Mathematics Contests (G11 & below)

    • Canadian Computing Contest (G12 & below)

    • Euclid Contest (G11 & G12)

    • Fryer/Galois/Hypatia Contests (G11 & below)

  • American Mathematics Competitions (AMC) 

    • AMC 10A, AMC 10B​ (G10 & below)

    • AMC 12A, AMC 12B (G12 & below)

Usually, the school also offers the relevant second-round competition if participants qualify, e.g. the American Invational Mathematics Contest (AIME).

Contact Us

If you have any questions, please email:

Competition Key Dates

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